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About Linen Trail

Linen Trail is one of the premier brands associated with linen apparel for men and women; this quiet luxury brand offers clothing made using fine quality European linen and believes in slow and sustainable fashion.

Project Goal

The goal was to improve rankings and bring the website, initially, on the first page and then in the top 3 rankings, using linen based keywords. 


Clothing in general is a competitive space and with a niche product like linen clothing, we understood the challenges. We spent an immense amount of time with the Linen Trail team, understanding what makes their product stand apart.

Our Process

SEO Audit

As is with any brand, we always start with a thorough and in-depth SEO audit, paying special attention to Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, as well as existing onsite content.

SEO Strategy

Based on what we found during our SEO audit, we initiated designing a tailored made strategy that would allow Linen Trail to improve organic traffic and rankings.


Once our strategy was in place, the respective teams got working:
● Keywords Research
The SEO team spent a lot of time researching all keywords related to linen clothing, including linen shirts, linen trousers and linen jackets. We ensured that the located keywords were relevant and easy to search.
● On-Page SEO
Our content team created plenty of content using the keywords, including regular blog posting and adding content in the collapsible division for each category and collection page. We also created Pillar Content pages like FAQs, Linen Guide etc. We also improved the product pages with A2 style Content and adding the USPs of the brand
● SEO off Page Optimization
In the meantime, we were also working on creating quality backlinks and ensuring that everything to increase visibility and rankings was being done.


As an experienced agency, we understand that results will not be visible overnight, which is why we kept a constant eye on every metric and kept track of all the changes.

  • Performed ethical SEO audit and fixed all errors to enhance the search console health
  • Optimized the Website with Meta Tags, Long Form Content, and Well Researched Blogs
  • Added informative user intent topics such as “how,” “what,” “who,” and “why” in the form of blogs
  • The Product Page Design was improved by adding A2 Content and Personalized Content.

Tools We Used

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Within the first few months, we were able to see a drastic improvement:
There was an improvement in rankings in almost all the categories – pages were ranking in the top 5 and for linen shirt, the website is ranking at 2.
  • 10X growth in Organic Traffic
  • Ranking improvement for highly competitive keywords like
    • Men Linen Shirts
    • Linen Shirts
    • Linen Kurta
    • Pure Linen Shirts
    • Linen Half Shirts
    • Line full shirts
  • 4X-5X growth in conversion rate from organic traffic
  • Growth in brand keywords clicks
  • The new users count increased Via organic channels

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