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It is surely very daunting to get the first few sales on if you have launched a new e-commerce site or you have a completely new business.  Add to it, there are multiple online stores of all kinds, which have swept the sector with amazing sales numbers.  Do you ever think what the common factor is?

That is indeed a million dollar question with a simple answer…

Strategy… Tactics… Campaigns…!

All of those businesses have strong growth hacking tips and strategies set up to enhance their business and they don’t mind using it to get in touch with their clients each and every day. As a matter of fact, the only thing which permits these businesses to be fruitful in the market is a successful strategy and an awesome business advertising plan.

What is your strategy for your business? Or have you outlined one yet?

In the past few years, the eCommerce industry has grown leaps and bounds and the rate at which this has happened is totally indisputable. In the year 2015, the retail sales via e-commerce amounted to over $340 billion and by 2019.

Guess what?  These projected sales have simply doubled. It implies that over 21.55 per cent of the World’s population is buying their merchandise online, and in the year 2021, this figure is sure to rise to more than 2.14 billion.

Tip #1
Experiment with different ways to highlight your product

Highlight Unique Selling Features on Top

All the products have one of a kind feature which incites the customer to attempt a purchase. When purchasing an item, buyers consistently search for these features. Therefore, you should be able to capitalize upon these features and have them incorporated directly in the top header of your site.

There could be a number of reasons for your product being different from others. Besides, you can also incorporate special selling highlights such as delivery time, guarantees, free of cost shipping option, cash on delivery option and so on. These highlights will in general pull in and assist buyers with settling on their choice about buying your item.

Put Suitable Product Descriptions

Generally speaking, Buyers don’t have a lot of time to go through the details of an item. Therefore, writing a compact depiction of the item you are selling would be a great thing to do. A large number of us have the discernment that a short portrayal is sufficient.

All things considered, this might be valid in most cases however not really in all cases. I prescribe you to give compact, yet complete insight concerning the product which is worth selling in the market. The portrayal ought to clarify all the uses and features of the item so that it allures the buyers to purchase that product.

Make use of images & videos

Use the images of your product generously. A single image of your product isn’t acceptable. You can utilize as many pictures as you like so as to generate traffic on your site and build the trust customers have on you and your product. You ought to utilize a lot of product images and these images ought to be sufficiently clear to make it simple for buyers to settle on a choice to purchase the product that they are picturing. This must be done on a consistent basis.

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Another thing that can create a sensation in the market is the video that goes viral. A huge number of sites are currently utilizing these kinds of videos to tempt their potential customers in order to purchase their products so as to expand the rates of conversion.

And if you want to be one of the best sellers, by all means, follow the suit. One of the significant advantages of these videos is that you can utilize them for on social media for publicity. Simply share an exhaustive video and then simply sit back and enjoy the outcomes.

Include a section of Recommended Products

There are hordes of products available on the web. Helping your webpage visitor to check out the full range of offered products on your web store will only help in attracting potential customers. It isn’t essential that they will purchase that product however, there exists an opportunity that they may pay special mind to something comparable within their buying power. A tab of “Recommended Products” can be incorporated to offer various options to your clients to shop and decide from.

Tip #2
Use ad extensions to get targeted clicks

Ad extensions are an amazing way to increase the scale of your ads in Bing and Google. These are pretty simple and let you add appropriate details so that you can increase your click-through rates. Furthermore, you’ll have your ads stand out above others which only display the URL, headline, and minimal copy.

There are many extras you can add to your ads, such as:

  • Site link extensions– These help in showing additional links to your site below the base ad copy.
  • Review extensions– These allow 3rd-party reviews within your ad.
  • Callout extensions– These include highlights and advantages such as guarantees, free shipping, and another kind of promotions.
  • Location extensions– These help in showing the location of your business with clickable links for navigation and hours of operation.
  • Call extensions– These add a clickable number to your search ad.

Tip #3
Strategize your website Navigation

 Follow minimal clicks approach

The e-commerce navigation should be such powerful and effective that it makes it easy for the customers to explore whatever they want on your webpage, or even finding out the relevant product page as early as possible.

Use auto-complete
Auto-complete is a great tool in website search as it is an amazing way to enhance the value of site search and reduce the risk of errors so that the accurate results are displayed.

Filtered navigation
Filtered navigation is one of the basic things on the website. It allows the customer to limit down their product selection by removing results which are insignificant to them, hence makes up for effective browsing.

Make your drop-down menus work

One of the common components of any e-commerce website is a Drop-down menu. These are effectively used on e-commerce sites and, if they are used well, buyers are enabled to navigate to another product category or sub-category they are searching for. They also help in promoting certain offers and products.

Not to miss, the consistency between site search and navigation is additionally very important. The same categorization options and filters should be accessible to users whether they decide to browse or search further.

List and Re-list Subcategories

Product categories are frequently arranged in a way that one can move from the general category of products to more specific. It is surely possible, however, that few of the products might simply appear in more than one arrangement.

For example, on Build.com, the top level of item navigation is inclusive of a label for lighting and a label for bathrooms, whereas the sub-category “Bathroom Lighting” shows up under both categories of “Bathroom” and “Lighting”. Therefore a shopper could reasonably expect it to be available in either of the parent categories.

Using the search box to navigate

Customers look for easy and friendly navigation through their searches. They expect it to start from visible and concise search line. Some of the best websites who have a lot of products have the feature of an improved search bar. Let us give you a clue. Autocomplete feature and Ajax search accelerate the search with more suggestions for example keywords, and categories which are accessible in your store, and CMS pages, etc. Images of the products can also be included along with product recommendations in the search help.

As per the CXL – CRO report, images are vital as they have an impact on conversion. So, if you want to have two benefits with one stroke, by all means, this is your game.

Tip #4
A/B Test your campaign

A/B Testing is one of the best ways you can apply in order to figure out the way in which various kinds of promotions would compete against one another. There are a number of ways you can utilize this testing for your online store, however, there are a few of those tests that we recommend in order for you to get back on growth mode.

Product Recommendation testing

As the name goes, this simply implies testing on product recommendations. Exploring numerous possibilities pertaining to how would you be able to build value for your product through these recommendations. You must evaluate if using these product recommendations on shopping carts would lead to a greater possibility of buying rather than offering products on the landing page of the product and so much more.

Likewise, there are 5 various kinds of proposals that you must evaluate for your advantage when it comes to product recommendation testing.

CTA Testing

Also called as Call-to-action testing (CTA). This is essential as it is one of the main reasons why buyers click and continue buying. Businesses should evaluate what exactly can influence the conversion rate in terms of colours, shapes and sizes of the products.

Besides, content that you are utilizing is also one of the other important factors. One single word can simply bring about a great change in the sentence. For instance, if you start utilizing “my” rather than “your”, you can gain almost 90% click-through developments.

Tip #5
Strategize your content marketing funnel

Although achieving a 100% conversion rate isn’t a practicable expectation, generating more traffic can certainly take you closer to it. And to put that into execution, a customer conversion funnel must be used. It is a pictorial understanding of the different phases starting from chasing a lead to converting it into a customer.

Therefore, producing high-quality content in the form of blogs, copywriting posts, product descriptions etc. shouldn’t be missed on your priority list.

Content and Growth Marketing funnel

This is one of the many reasons why it is absolutely fundament to use blogging for all e-com sites. Consider these ways that what is it that you are offering to your customers? Do you think your offer is so significant that buyers would want to shop the same each and every day? Quite unlikely.

In any case, buyers get motivation through your blogs so that they visit the website all the time, regardless of whether they want to make the purchase or not. Blogging additionally enhances the ranking of your organic search. At the point when buyers search for items on the browsers search panel, the webpage should be a top hit among various displayed pages.

Tip #6
Don’t Hesitate to Experiment

It is important to come out of the comfort zone if you want to grow. People are scared to experiment and explore new things and it is quite understandable. The budget could be small and you would like to stay away from making errors until you create a sensible customer base.

But you would also need to understand that you will never reach your ideal number of customers if you do not experiment or come out of conventional or classical ways of marketing.

growth marketing tips

Every characteristic of your eCommerce project can be explored and experimented with. You can try out various online ads such as PPCs, social media, Google-Ads, etc. You can also try out various website layouts in order to find out the one that is easiest to navigate for your client base.

The best businesses are those that are learning and changing consistently. One of the ideal ways to learn is by figuring out various things to find out what works best for your business. At that point, put in the results of those experiments to realization.


Despite your digital stature, these tips can be highly influential to increase conversions in your eCommerce stores, and generate more sales in return. When you get your first deal off this path, others will follow suit.

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